National Optical Care is a privately-owned Australian company that is currently acquiring a limited number of high quality optical and eye care practices across Australia and New Zealand with a view to listing the single group on the Australian Stock Exchange next year.

We truly respect and value the enormous effort Optical Healthcare providers have put into building their local practices and our business model commits to retaining each practices local brand and the team that has played such a large part in its success to date.

National Optical Care’s vision is to create a collective of optical and eye-care practices committed to the highest standards of personalised care.  We will leverage the combined expertise of the group to deliver superior experiences for our clients and patients and to create opportunities and flexibility for management and staff.  

We recognise that everyone reaches a point in life where they wish to consider their options for the future.

We believe our flexible approach to acquiring practices sets us apart. We are offering a unique opportunity to Optical Healthcare practice owners to realise the value of their practice whilst still having the option of continuing to do the work they love.

Practice owners that decide to partner with National Optical Care will continue to play an integral role in the future success of their practice and in shaping and positively influencing the future direction of National Optical Care.

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Realise the Value of your Practice

You have put a lot of effort and passion into building your practice and we are offering you the opportunity to realise the value you have created whilst continuing to do the work you love.

You will also have the option to take some of your sale proceeds as shares in National optical Care, enabling you to share in our future success and generate a passive income through dividends

Retain Your Brand

Your practice will retain its own established brand and local identity. We respect and value the reputation that you have developed with your community and believe that keeping your practice name and brand is important. We also retain your practice team and they will continue to play an important role in the future success of the practice.

Professional Development

We are focused on developing our people and will establish Eyecare Training Centres that provide a range of professional development opportunities. Our Optical Advisory Committee will harness the collective expertise across our community to help shape programs that ensure each member of our team is best equipped to always deliver the best standard of care and service.

Practice Support Services

Our Practice Support Office will provide you with the centralised services that are critical to the smooth running of your practice including; finance, payroll, human resources and recruitment, information technology and marketing. We understand that your priority is to deliver the best possible experience to your clients and that’s why our experts are happy to support you with these other important tasks

Our Business Model

Better Support for better patient and client care

The NOC Support Team is responsible for the back-office support that gets in the way of running a client focused practice. NOC takes care of your payroll, IT, finance, HR and marketing functions. Every NOC practice has two leaders; a practice manager and a practitioner. The dedicated practice manager looks after the health and wellbeing of the practice team as well as the on-site administration. The lead practitioner ensures the highest practice standards of care and service. This business model aligns and supports optometry teams so they can then focus on caring patients and customers which makes everyone happy!

Lead Optometrists

Lead Optometrists are encouraged to join and participate in the Optical Advisory Committee. The committee shares their knowledge amongst the community and ensures that all clinical and optical decisions are made by optometrists and not by accountants. Lead optometrists also receive ongoing training and education from the NOC team to further progress their clinical excellence and leadership skills.

Practice Managers

Practice Managers are supported by Territory Managers (TM). TMs support Practice Managers to support their teams and to develop their practices. Practice managers also receive ongoing training from the NOC education team to continually progress their skills.

The Optical Team

The optical teams are the heart and soul of every practice. They are supported by their practice manager, lead practitioner, TM and the NOC Support Team. No request is too big or too small and every team member is encouraged to give feedback to all levels of their support network. The best suggestions often come from team members that interact with patients and customers. Feedback helps NOC to continuously improve and evolve the optical community that we are so proud of.